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Dr. Heinicke teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses in behavior analysis and psychology in the Psychology Department at California State University, Sacramento. Dr. Heinicke also has open office hours every week during the fall and spring semesters for advising. Please see the information below to find a list of her courses and office hours.

Upcoming Courses:




PSYC 129: Behavioral Research Methods (Spring 2019)

PSYC 171: Applied Behavior Analysis (TBA)

PSYC 183: Teaching of Psychology (TBA)

PSYC 185: Psychology of Exceptional Children (Fall and Spring semesters)




PSYC 271: Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (Fall 2019; Fall 2021)

PSYC 272: Research Methods in Behavior Analysis (Fall 2018; Fall 2020)

PSYC 283: Teaching of Psychology (TBA)

Need Advising?


Dr. Heinicke's Fall 2018 Office Hours:


Thurs 2-4p; Fri 1-2p; by appointment (please e-mail)

357D Amador Hall


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